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Научные исследования

Научные исследования

Interaction of plasma jets and ion beams of a plasma focus device with the surface of chromium steel

D.I. Yurkov, B.D. Lemeshko, Yu.V. Mikhailov, I.A. Prokuratov, A.K. Dulatov, N.V. Boiko2, S.G. Rudakov, M.D. Saveliev
1 — Federal State Unitary Enterprise Dukhov Automatics Research Institute, 2 — National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)

Ferrite-martensitic steel RUSFER (EK-181) was chosen because it is perspective steel for use as construction and functional elements of plasma focus chamber with extremely high terms of use

Chemical composition of EK-181 steel

Element C Cr Mn Mo Nb V W
% 0,15 11,17 0,74 0,01 0,01 0,25 1,13
Element Ni N Si Ta Ce B
% 0,03 0,04 0,33 0,08 0,15 0,006